The Excellence in Design Award was established in 2003 to recognize the best in design and installation of long-lasting, energy eiciency, environmentally friendly roof systems. With the development of Roof- Point in 2011, the Center for Environmental Innovation in Rooing began recognizing design excellence through the RoofPoint program. Annual design award winners are selected from projects that best exemplify the mission and meet the criteria of RoofPoint.

What is RoofPoint?
RoofPoint is a voluntary, consensus-based green rating system developed by the Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing to provide a means for building owners and designers to select nonresidential roof systems based on long term energy and environmental benefits. RoofPoint provides a simple, transparent and professional measure to validate that new and replacement roof systems are designed, installed and maintained in accordance with the most current sustainable best practices. The RoofPoint functions include a checklist to identify the many ways current roofing systems provide economic value and protect the environment as well as a guideline to establish design, installation and maintenance criteria for the selection of sustainable roof systems.
Furthermore, there is an assessment system in place to compare different sustainable roofing strategies and select the optimal roof systems for any building and site condition and a recognition program to validate roof system selection and reward environmental innovation in roofing.
Sika’s commitment to the environment is evidenced by the numerous projects realized all around the world. Sika actively participates in various green rating systems. In 2013, three Sika roofing projects using Sarnafil roofing systems won the USA Rooftop Excellence in Design Award, which is recognized through the RoofPoint system. We proudly present the winners:

George W. Bush Presidential Center, Dallas, Texas USA
Completed: Nov. 2012
The roof on the George W. Bush Presidential Center has many different levels and features green roofs, plazas, rooftop photovoltaic arrays, and rooftop solar hot water panels. The building owner wanted a roof that incorporated reflective roof surfaces, for energy efficiency, and a waterproofing membrane that could handle plazas and a green roof that had been incorporated into the site.
The owner wanted this to be a 100-year building and required a roof system with long-term durability, the strength of hot air welded seams and strong resistance to weathering.

San Diego County Operations Center, San Diego, CA
Completed: Jul. 2012
The new San Diego County Operations Center is designed to be a symbol of sustainability for all of San Diego, and the building's roofing system features every key RoofPoint strategy available for building designers. In addition to a roof designed to provide the ultimate in performance and life cycle endurance, this unique roof features a rooftop terrace, a vegetated green roof, and a photovoltaic solar panel array on trellises, which also serve to produce shading.

SuperTarget Retail Store, Olathe, KS
Completed: Apr. 2012
This 175,000 square foot reroofing project sets a new benchmark for sustainable retail roof design and installation. The existing 175,000 sqft PVC roofing membrane was recycled, and a reflective, energy efficient, and highly durable roofing system was installed using RhinoBond.
This innovative roof fastening technology virtually eliminates roof seams at fastening locations and allows for effective removal and recycling of the roofing membrane at the end of its service life.